Council of Catholic Women

Our Mission

St. Joseph’s Council of Catholic Women acts through its commissions to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service.  These programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.

The National Council of Catholic Women was founded in 1919 at the request of the American Catholic Bishops.  It represents more than ten million Catholic women working together, sharing common concerns which reflect current issues in church and society.

It’s your Council, You are a member

Every Catholic woman in the parish is a member of St. Joseph’s Council and the National Council of Catholic Women.

Meetings are usually held the first Monday of the month, September through June.  Dates and programs are announced in the weekly bulletin.

In lieu of dues, an envelope is provided in the July church support envelopes.  Members are asked to donate for operating expenses, Diocesan dues, and to support the good works of the Council at that time.

The Council of Catholic Women commissions are as follows:

Organization– to assist, strengthen, and develop the organization through leadership and communication with committees for Parish Receptions, Membership, Ways and Means, Publicity, Diocesan liaisons, Church Women United liaisons, Legislation, Christmas Bake Sale and Quilt Raffle, and office help with bulletin stuffing and mailing.

Worship and Prayer– to promote a church community and programs to expand the spiritual needs of the Council with committees for Mass offerings, Rosary Garden maintenance, making Rosaries for church entrances, and Retreats, Programs, or Workshops.

Family Concerns– to assist families in achieving a truly Christian life, preserve Christian principles and offer solace, comfort and support with committees for funeral luncheons at the Parish Center, an Honor Guard at women’s funerals, serving at various parish receptions, sending cards to shut-ins at Christmas, Sympathy cards, making and distributing prayer shawls, and visiting nursing homes.

Community Concerns– to involve members and parishioners with working in the community to insure basic rights, needs and justice for all people regardless of age level or development by supporting religious education for the youth of our parish, Nursing Home Outreach, providing newborn layette items to the Christ Child Society, and helping with the parish Spring Festival.

International Concerns– provide support for and concern with the needs of people universally by crocheting/knitting hats for St. Vincent de Paul Christmas baskets, donating to the Diocesan Council outreach.