A memorial donation offers a thoughtful way to celebrate a special person or occasion while contributing to our mission of offering our parishioners various ways to grow in their commitment to, and understanding of, their faith. Please take comfort in knowing that through a memorial gift, your loved one’s memory will be celebrated through liturgical celebrations, religious education programs, and other opportunities, as St. Joseph Parish follows the call of Jesus, “to make disciples” of all peoples.

Memorial donations are often given at the time of a loved one’s death. However, these memorial gifts don’t have to be limited to one point in time. Memorial gifts could also be made on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. In addition, a recurring donation in memory of a loved one can be made. An easy way to start this is through our electronic giving program.

When a memorial gift is received, a thank you is sent to the donor for their generous support of St. Joseph Parish in memory of the named deceased. We also send a note to the next of kin informing them of memorial donations made in memory of their loved one.