Invest in Kids Act – Donors needed!

As of the end of September, there is much excitement throughout the Diocese because 264 of our school students have received over $1,000,000 of tax credit scholarships! Unfortunately, St. Joseph School had 43 families apply for a scholarship, but haven’t received enough donations to award one scholarship. Awards can only be given if the school has sufficient donated dollars for the next student in line to receive a full scholarship. For 2018, there still remains an untapped potential in Illinois of over $55 million in scholarship donations eligible for the 75% Illinois income tax credit.  It’s definitely a WIN-WIN as students receive 100%, 75% or 50% of their tuition and the donor receives a 75% Illinois tax credit on the amount of their donation to the SGO, the scholarship granting organization. It is not too late to make a donation for the 2018 tax year.

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About the Tax Credit Scholarship Program