St. Joseph Mission Society

Our families are called to serve others through action.  While our faith is personable, it is not private.  We rely on the community to continue to support us in our faith journey.  The purpose of this ministry is to deepen that calling by providing support with encouragement to our parishioners.  Those who are going through difficult times, those whose attendance, service, and support over the years have been instrumental to our parish, are no longer able to attend Mass with us and be active in our parish.  They are remembered in our prayers and Mass.  They are also remembered by receiving cards that were signed at daily Mass sent to them.  Their membership can now support us with their Corporal Works of Mercy by praying for all people of the parish.  We can do God’s work by praying, a sure sign that the Holy Spirit is active among us.  A good invitation fills us with joy and helps the parish to be stronger.